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●Company Profile
Name: Kyowa Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
・Address: 3-25, 12-chome, Hassamu 15-jo, Nishi-ku, Sapporo
・Founded: July 1, 1939
・Reorganized: July 24, 1967
・Representative: Yasunori Fujieda, President
・Capital: \30 million
・Number of employees: 98
・Factory premises area: 19,189.00 m2
・Building area: 9,461.32 m2
・Main banks: Hokuyo Bank, Kotoni Chuo Branch Shoko Chukin Bank, Sapporo Branch  
Major products
・Snow removal devices for snow removal trucks and snowplow trucks
Truck graders, side wings, two-way plows, I plows, V plows, two-way side wings,
Self-propelled snow sweepers, Pulled snow sweepers
・Snow removal devices for construction machinery
I plows, V plows, side wings, two-way side wings, two-way plows, multipurpose plows,
Snow sweepers
・Special vehicles
One-pass mowers, waterless guard rail sweepers, tunnel wall sweepers, Road constructions sweepers,
dump trucks equipped with shovels
・Other attachments
Mowers for motor graders, mowers for rotary vehicles, mowers for shovelers, rake-fork devices
Major purchasers
・ Hokkaido Regional Development Bureau
・ East Nippon Expressway Company
・ Hokkaido Government
・ Sapporo Municipal Government
・ Municipalities in Hokkaido
・ Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Tokyo Civil Aviation Bureau
・ Japan Ministry of Defense
・ National Police Agency
・ Civil Engineering Research Institute for Cold Region
  (in random order, titles omitted) 
Major customers
・ Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation
・ UD Trucks Co., Ltd.
・ Hino Motors, Ltd.
・ Isuzu Motor Ltd.
・ Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.
・ Nichijo Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
・ Hanta Machinery Co.,Ltd.
・ Komatsu Ltd.
・ Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd.
・ Niigata Transys Co., Ltd.
・ Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.
・ Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation Hokkaido Fuso
・ Hakodate Mitsubishi Fuso Motor Sales Co., Ltd.
・ UD Trucks Japan Co., Ltd.
・ UD Trucks Hokkaido Co., Ltd.
・ UD Trucks Doto Co., Ltd.
・ Hokkaido Hino Motors, Ltd.
・ Hakodate Hino Motors, Ltd.
・ Eastern Hokkaido Hino Motors, Ltd.
・ Hokkaido Isuzu Motor Ltd.
・ Eastern Hokkaido Isuzu Motor Ltd.
・ Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation Tohoku Fuso
・ Miyagi Hino Motors, Ltd.
・ Isuzu Motor Tohoku Ltd.
・ Caterpillar East Japan Co., Ltd. Hokkaido Campany
・ Komatsu Construction Machinery Sales Ltd. Hokkaido Campany
・ Komatsu Doto Ltd
  (in random order, titles omitted)