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Early days(1939~1964)

Early days(1939~1964)
<Workers surrounding machine tool>
Established on July 1 at 7, 2-chome, Kikusui Nishimachi, Sapporo, as a factory manufacturing fuses for field artillery ordered by the Osaka military depot.
Manufactures parts of flares, anti-aircraft shells and aircraft engines.

Affiliated with Ishikawajima Shibaura Machinery Co., Ltd. to become its agent in Hokkaido for garden tractors, Shibaura air-cooled engines, Shibaura fire pumps and other products while repairing spinning machines of Teikoku Seima Sapporo Factory. Converts its business to design and production of auxiliary agricultural machinery and production of pick steel, air valves and water valves for coal mines.

Establishes Elm Seiki Co., Ltd. as the company's sales and service section. Extends the canning section and places emphasis on machine production for mines and government offices. Becomes the auditor of the Hokkaido Machine Industry Association at the time of its establishment in February. 
<Working on 2-ton tetrapod>
Succeeds in Japan's first design and production of steel forms for concrete blocks (tetrapods). Becomes leader of tetrapod-type form production and manufactures different types continuously for various uses. 
<Installation of tetrapod>
Begins research and development of snow removal machinery. Designs, manufactures and improves bulldozers, wheel dozers and other snow removal machines with motor graders. Also begins trial manufacturing of snowplow shapes.
Manufactures core forming machine for rolled plywood at request of Hokkaido Forestry Guidance Station. Provides maintenance services for power shovels and other heavy vehicles under technical cooperation with Yutani Juko Co., Ltd. 
<V plow for motor grader>
Succeeds in design and production of mechanical-type side wing for motor graders.
Hokkaido General Ironworks Cooperative Association established in April, becomes director. 
<V plow for bulldozer>
<Side wing for bulldozer>
Develops mechanical-type side wing for NTK-20 bulldozers.

Other developments/deliveries: 
Total-angle rail crane for loading 2-ton blocks → Obihiro Public Works Management Office 
Repairs iron poles and link bars as a designated repair plant of Nitto Tekko Co., Ltd.

Manufactures 4-ton crane and develops tile-roof forming machine for long galvanized iron plates. 
<Peter-type rotary snowplow for dump-truck mounting>
Completes S-core forming machine after several years of development.
Develops side wing for motor graders.

Improves hydraulic pump after succeeding in developing hydraulic side wing for motor graders.
Succeeds in installing a snowplow on a swamp bulldozer and receives favorable reviews from government offices.
Sapporo Ironworks Complex Cooperative Association established, becomes Director. 
<Successful trial operation>
Manufactures Peter-type rotary snowplow with an auxiliary vehicle for dump trucks and delivers it to Development Bureau.
With the growth of business, launches a plan to move its plant to Hassamu Ironworks Complex.
Designated as a service plant of Nippon Kaihatsuki Co., Ltd.

Other developments/deliveries:
Succeeds in trial production of surface-leveling snowplow for dump trucks → Development Bureau
Develops automatic brick polishing machine for ceramic blocks → Hokkaido Nozai Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Designs maintenance device using conveyer system → Hokkaido Keiki Kogyo Co., Ltd.