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State-of-the-art technology, to speedily ensure safe,
comfortable access by air

● One-Way Plow (IP-610)
(clearing width of 4.5m)
● Truck Grader (KB-301B) 


● One-Way Plow (IP-620)
(clearing width of 4.8m) 


● One-Way Plow (IP-650CL)
  (clearing width of 6.5m)
● Truck Grader (ATG-515UCL) 


● Angling Plow (AP-480)
  (clearing width of 4.8m)
● Snow Sweeper (SCB-400A)
  (clearing width of 4.0m) 


● Snow Sweeper (SCB-580H)
  (clearing width of 5.8m) 
     SCB-580 Movie


● Snow Sweeper (SCB-250FA)
  (clearing width of 2.5m) 
      SCB-250 Movie

Snow Sweeper: Rear wheel control

Distinctive features of the Snow Sweeper with rigidly joined body

● Reverses in the same way as a single-body vehicle.

● Provides effective snow removal even while turning.

 Rear wheel steering: independent
Rear wheel steering: dependent on front steering 
Plow angle adjuster
When removing snow during a right turn, the plow angle automatically adjusts according to the turning angle of the steering wheel, to maintain clearing width.
 Clearing widths
Dependent on front steering