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Since its foundation in 1939, Kyowa Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been designing, manufacturing and providing better “tools” for maintaining and managing roads at the level of comfort demanded by the times. The history of roads in the history of humankind. Road management and maintenance have developed in the course of people's long history. In today's society, where roads serve as large-scale infrastructure to support socio-economic activities, among the highest priorities is securing the smooth flow of traffic. In addition to bringing comfort to road users by securing safety, speed and efficiency, another important task is providing comfort to the users of our “tools.”
To realize the comfort demanded by the times, road management and maintenance systems are improved constantly. Kyowa's mission is to continue providing “tools”for realizing the road comfort demanded by the times, by using design and development capabilities that we have been honing since our foundation, the latest technologies, and a meticulous support system. The 21st century, which is “the age of the environment,”is also a century of global competition. It is a time when the comfort required for roads is changing greatly and viewpoints more diverse than ever are required. In cooperation with road management and maintenance organizations, Kyowa Machinery Manufacturing Co., ltd. Will pursue further enhancement of our design, development, and manufacturing abilities, to make further strides in this new century. 
Product currently under development
SRV-650C type High Performance Snow Plow for airport
SCB-580H type Trailer type High Performance Snow Sweeper for airport 
One-way Plow
Plow angle continuation variable type one-way plow
Model IP-650C type
Traveling width 3,950mm
Maximam snow removing width 6,500mm
Plow height (front) 660mm
Plow height (back) 2,000mm
Plow angle 45°
Cutting angle 45
Gross unit weight 3,050kg
Plow angle automatic control system
Truck Grader
Grading width continuation variable type truck grader
Model ATG-515U type
Traveling width 3,810mm
Maximum grading width 5,000mm
Blade height 700mm
Blade angle 30°
Cutting angle 72~90°
Blade evading height 60mm
Gross unit weight 3,000kg
Automatic evading-type safety device
Truck grader automatic control system
Snow Sweeper
Semi-trailer type Bloom & Blower
Model SCB-580H type
Traveling width 3,950mm
Maximum snow sweeping width 5,800mm
Blush diameter 914mm
Blush length 3,510mm×2
Blush angle 35°to raight and left
Blower wind volume 700m3/min
Gross unit weight 15,500kg
Brush ground contact width/Brush rotational speed automatic control system
Rear wheel steering automatic control system
*The above specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
SCB_210NA Snow Sweeper
Snow Sweeper
Small-size articulate-type, full hydraulic operation
Model SCB-210NA type
Snow removing width 2,120mm
Brush diameter 910mm
Brush length 2,590mm
Blush angle 35°to right and left
Brush material Combination of polypropylene and steel or either of them
Supporting tires Caster-type
Blower type Turbo fan
Blower wind volume 200m3/min
Ground clearance 220mm
Gross unit weight 7,300kg
*The above specifications are subject to change without prior notice.