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Launch of a new plant in the Ironworks Complex(1965~1984)

Launch of a new plant in the Ironworks Complex(1965~1984)
<Company building in early days>
Moves into new plant in Ironworks Complex, commences operation on February 1.
Develops 28-ton automatic material charging device for busheled iron (with automatic hydraulic pusher controller), which was thought to be technically impossible to develop with hydraulic systems in those days, delivers it to Otaru Hokkai Kogyo. 
<Truck grader>
Other developments/deliveries
Designs double-side automatic polishing machine for ceramic blocks → Bibai Yogyo Co., Ltd. 
Installs and conducts test operation of conveyer-type elevator "convelator" → Hokkaido Shurui Hanbai Co., Ltd. etc.
Designs and manufactures belt conveyer for crushing plants → Yamada Kogyo etc.
Designs, manufactures and installs V-plow device for snow removal and hydraulic turntable for 7-ton train engines → Sapporo Railway Bureau
Manufactures experimental model of B-plow for snow removal and an electrohydrostatic-control surface leveling machine for 7-ton dump trucks → Development Bureau 
Reaches final decision on design of truck grader, which had been manufactured experimentally under the guidance of Hokkaido Development Bureau since 1963, succeeds in putting it into practical use. This type of machine has been mass produced and distributed through Mitsui Bussan Machine Sales Service Co., Ltd.
Succeeds in mass production of side wings for motor graders manufactured by Komatsu Ltd., Hokkaido Mitsubishi Fuso Co., Ltd., Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. and Nikkai Kojo, and delivers them to Hokkaido Development Bureau, Hokkaido government and municipalities for full-scale operation in winter.
Develops special rake for bulldozers, delivers it to Hokkaido Federation of Production Agriculture Associations and succeeds in functional test. This device, named Hokuseiren-type, becomes a mass produced item. 
<Manufactures special machine for land operations>
Other developments/deliveries:
Develops two-way side wing for trucks → Development Bureau
Automatic polishing machine for ceramic blocks → to be exported to South Korea
Designs and develops a device to run a Haflinger (imported) vehicle on snow to reduce the mounting time to less than 30 min. → Sapporo Regional Forestry Office
Manufactures special machine for land operations → Chitose Ground Self-Defense Force
Develops device to run a jeep on snow
Kiliyer roller (1200 × 1500 m) → Hakodate Dock Co., Ltd. 
<Dump grader for forest road repair >
Reorganized into Kyowa Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in August, Shigeo Fujieda becomes president.
Develops 5-ton dump grader for logging roads, which won popularity as a multi-functional machine.

Other developments/deliveries: 
Develops WS shovel loader → Sapporo municipal government

Sadao Ochiai becomes president.
Develops and manufactures attachments for special operations. 
<Delivery of dump trucks with shovels>
Develops WB-300 dump truck (Type B) with shovel, delivers it to the Sapporo municipal government. The truck becomes popular as four-function vehicle.

Other developments/deliveries
Develops angling plow for shovel loaders → Komatsu Ltd. etc.
Develops angling plow for dump trucks → Sapporo municipal government
<Rotary snowplow for sidewalks>
As high-speed snowplows for Hokkaido and other snowy regions, snow removal trucks with snowplows(IP-37) and truck graders(KB-5,KB-55) and motor graders with two-way side wings(2SW-140) adopted for the use on highways between Sapporo and Otaru and Sapporo and Chitose.
Other developments/deliveries:
Develops rotary snowplow and high-speed snow removal vehicle for sidewalks →Hokkaido Development Bureau
Develops frozen surface processor → Sapporo municipal government
Develops side dump bucket ban brake for bulldozers → Hokkaido Kensetsu Kikai Hanbai Co., Ltd. 
<Delivery of a high-speed snow removal vehicle>
Wins national recognition as "Kyowa, snow removal machine manufacturer" and delivers a number of snow removal trucks to Hokkaido government etc.

Other developments/deliveries:
Develops curb sludge disposal device → Hokkaido Development Bureau
Develops scraper for bulldozers → Tomakomai Port Development Co., Ltd.

High-speed snowplow(IP-45) delivered to Tokyo Civil Aviation Bureau, Ministry of Transport and stationed at Chitose Airport Office. Succeeds in entering the field of snow removal on airport runways, which had been monopolized by major manufacturers due to special conditions.

Other developments/deliveries:
Develops high blade → Hokkaido Development Bureau
<Tunnel sweeper>
Orders from Honshu increase with the recognition of the company's ability in developing vehicles for special operations.
Develops large meat processing truck under the direction of Mitsui Bussan Machine Sales Service Co., Ltd.
Other developments/deliveries:
Manufactures large truck grader (KB-300)→ Sapporo Construction Bureau of Japan Highway Public Corporation 
<Cab-over type snow removal truck>
Delivers mowers for motor graders to different offices. Full-scale development and manufacture of vehicles for special operations begins.

Other developments/deliveries:
truck grader(KB-55) → Nagoya Construction Bureau of Japan Highway Public Corporation etc.

Establishes 11 designated plants to promote sales and improve service.
Delivers tunnel sweeper to Sapporo Construction Bureau, Japan Highway Public Corporation (used between Sapporo and Otaru).

Other developments/deliveries
Develops large snow removal grader for cab-over type and guard rail sweeper → Hokkaido Development Bureau
Runs a new-type vehicle (cab-over-type snow removal truck) with special snowplow and grader as part of advertising campaign in Hokuriku and Hokkaido → Nissan Diesel Motor Co., Ltd. etc.

Awarded as a top-level plant in Sapporo on November 22. 
<Mini plow>
Increases its capital to \14 million.
Develops new type of mower (MGS-100B) for motor graders and delivers it to Hokkaido government and municipal offices.
Other developments/deliveries:
Develops shutter blade(SB-1) for motor graders and mini plow(SWM-2) → Sapporo municipal government
Large snow removal vehicle with wide angling snowplow(AP-301)and wideangling truck graders(KB-301) used between Chitose and Tomakomai → Sapporo Construction Bureau of Japan Highway Public Corporation
President Shigeo Fujieda receives the Hokkaido Industrial Contribution Award on February 1.
Develops and tests a monitoring instrument for motor graders.
Other developments/deliveries:
Develops mower (MK-101) for shovel loaders → Rumoi Public Works Management Office
Develops truck grader (KB-51, posterior reversing blade) → Development Bureau etc.  
<Abrasion tester>
Completes monitoring instrument for truck graders, delivers it to the Development Bureau

Other developments/deliveries:
Develops type SP-1 mini-wing (for snow removal on sidewalks) for motor grader → Ministry of Construction
Conducts trial manufacture of special blade for snow removal motor graders (cutting-edge one-touch mounting type with shutter blade) → Development Bureau

Monitoring instrument for truck graders and blade shutters (SB-1B, SB-2B) put into practical use.

Other developments/deliveries
Develops mower for embankments (MK-7700, long-reach type) → Hokkaido Development Bureau
Develops completely hydraulic side wing (10S-5) 
and Maclay side wing (10M-5) → Mitsubishi Motors Corp. etc.
Develops mower for small rotary vehicles (MK-120B) → Sapporo Public Works Management Office
Improves mower for wheel loaders → Muroran Public Works Management Office etc.
Conducts trial manufacture of pavement abrasion tester for on-site use(AT-1) → Sapporo municipal government  
<Two-way side wing 2SW-3>
Develops completely hydraulic large snow removal truck (with one-way plow, truck grader and side wing), delivers it to Hokkaido Development Bureau.

Other developments/deliveries
Develops weight slide-type snow removal vehicle → Sendai Management Bureau of Japan Highway Public Corporation
Develops two-way side wing for motor graders (bending type) → Komatsu Ltd. etc.
Improves mower for wheel loaders → Hokkaido Nagasumi Public Works Management Office 
<Large truck grader KB-301B>
Develops universal-type truck grader (KB-51S), displays it at an exhibition of snowplows as the company's main product, delivers it to the Sapporo municipal government.
Develops new 1984-model snowplows for trucks at the request of Mitsubishi Motors Corp., Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., Hino Motors Ltd. and Isuzu Motors Ltd., delivers snowplows, side wings and truck graders to these companies.

Other developments/deliveries
Develops and improves mower(MK-80) for small rotary vehicles→ Otaru Public Works Management Office

Establishes Kyowa Plant Co., Ltd. as an affiliate in September.
Affiliates with Hassamu Plant of Kitanihon Denkyoku
Develops snow chute (SI-1) for snow removal from median strips of highways at the request of the Sapporo Construction Bureau, Japan Highway Public Corporation, delivers it for trial operation.

Other developments/deliveries
Large Maclay snow-spreading car (10M-6H) → Development Bureau
Develops shear-pin-free equipment (SL-1) for truck graders → Sapporo municipal government
Shear-pin-free equipment (SL-10) for motor graders → in-house test
Develops and tests large snowplow (IP-4500) for airports→ Chitose Airport