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Major operations between 1985 and 1988(1985~1988)

Major operations between 1985 and 1988(1985~1988)
<Plow performance test>
Commences performance test of snowplows using company test trucks.
Develops and conducts in-house testing of mower (MK-101B-1700) for municipal governments in Hokkaido.

Other developments/deliveries
Develops snow removal devices (front-wheel two-axle) for large snow removal vehicles, mower vehicles(MK-2) and U-plow (UAP-201) for snow removal trucks →Development Bureau
Develops multipurpose plow (AVS-1) and angling plow (AP-936S) for wheel loaders → municipal offices
Develops and tests completely hydraulic two-way side wing (10M-4H) → Hokkaido Development Bureau
Develops and improves large truck grader (KB-4200) for airports, shear-pin-free equipment (SL-1) for motor graders and mini plow (2SWM-1) for motor graders. 
<U-type angling plow>
Develops and releases large airport plow(IP-46) withauto-angling system.

Other developments/deliveries:
Develops and improves angling plow (AP-207), U-shaped angling plow (AP-507) , multipurpose plow (BP-500) for wheel loaders and Maclay Wings(4M-1) for motor graders → municipal offices
Develops ASS-1 automatic control system into side wing for 10-ton trucks , side wing falling prevention device → Hokkaido Development Bureau 
<Snow plow for airports (IP-610)>
Develops hydraulic side wings (SWH-130, 140) for 3.7- and 4.0-meter-class motor graders and commences their deliveries to municipalities.

Other developments/deliveries
Develops side wing (SW-8) for motor graders → Defense Agency
Develops auxiliary blade (SWB-1) for motor graders → Hokkaido Development Bureau
Develops large plow (IP-610) for airports → Chitose Airport
Develops multipurpose plow (NBP-100) for small rotary units → Hokkaido Development Bureau
Develops multipurpose plows (BP-400) → Caterpillar Mitsubishi
Designs and manufactures one-way plow road leveling system (GP-1) for trucks → Hokkaido Development Bureau 
<Performance test>
Conducts snow removal performance test of snowplow (IP-610) for airports on a runway of New Chitose Airport with participation of government offices, subsequently delivers it.

Other developments/deliveries
Develops center plow (CP-1) which can also be used for surface leveling for snow removal trucks → Development Bureau
Develops curved surface flexible plow for snow removal trucks → Development Bureau
Develops plow (SD-100) for snow removal trucks for removal of snow/slush from shoulders → Development Bureau
Investigates automatization of mowers → Development Bureau
Develops tip-back disk for shoulders → Development Bureau
Develops slide-type angling plow for rotary vehicles(AP-453S) → Edogawa ward, Tokyo