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Kyowa: A history of technologies that contribute to comfort
The concept of comfort changes with the times, and this is certainly true for comfort related to roads. Since its establishment in 1939, Kyowa Machinery Manufacturing Co., ltd. Has been developing technologies toward promoting the kind of comfort on roads that the times have demanded. Kyowa's efforts for snow snow control started with the development of bulldozers and wheel dozers, and have resulted in the design and manufacture of a range of state-of-the-art machinery. Such machinery that promotes comfort includes high-performance snow-removal vehicles for airports, snow-removal vehicles for highways and other roads, and vehicles specialized by purpose (mowing, tunnel cleaning, drainage pumping). By utilizing our technology. Which leads the industry, we provide the comfort that society needs. Kyowa Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Will build on this progress in the new century, toward realizing an ever-higher level of comfort. 
The snow removal system: An infrastructure element that
Support today's socio-economic activities
Roads play an extremely important role in our society. Today, 90% of transport is by automobile. (For passenger transport, the figure is 70%.) When snowfall hinders transportation, it affects society immediately. However, snowfall is a natural phenomenon whose threat changes by the minute, so today's snow removal systems must be flexible in countering this threat. Snow removal, which seeks safety, speed and efficiency as an infrastructure element for snowy countries, changes to respond to snow conditions and to snow removal needs and locations, and our machinery affords the flexibility that makes this possible. Kyowa Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Considers its mission to provide the best possible “tools”and support to the snow removal system, which in turn supports society in snowy regions. 
Setting and maintaining standards comfort
When we consider how changeable are snow and the needs for comfort, it seems difficult set standards for snow removal machinery and equipment. In our mission to afford comfort we strive to become the industry standard. We realize this ideal by applying all our resources, including production lines and other facilities, skills, personal commitment, development capabilities, information systems and education/training. The meaning of comfort changes with the times. We are proud to be considered the industry standard in Japan for road vehicles and machinery.